XO Conversations is a podcast for growth-minded people who want to get more out of life. Hosted by XO Living founder, Dr. Rishma Walji, expect interviews with experts, conversations with real people and Rishma’s unique take on the strategies and action items you can begin incorporating into your life to help you be your most vibrant self.

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If you’re someone who is naturally optimistic, amazing. It will help you stay resilient and adapt.  If you’re not, you’re the reason I’m doing this episode. For you, for me, and for anyone who needs help seeing hope.  Normally on my podcast, I ask a question and work through it. Today I’m going to start […]

Want to Be More Optimistic?

Science about how positive affirmations impact your brain and also how to make them really work for you.

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Deep dive into perfectionism, self critique and compassion. How do you know if you need to be perfect, or if it’s OK to be good enough?

Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

Want to feel more connected to your child, improve your patience and show up for your child as the parent you really want to be, all while also supporting your child’s confidence?

The Connected Parent

Special bonus episode with Para-athlete Candice Combdon! ⁠  If you’ve been listening to the XO Conversations podcast, you know that the format is very different. ⁠ This is not the typical episode style because we wanted to share the entire conversation. ⁠  Candice talks to your host, Rishma Walji, about being born with spina bifida, […]

Learning to Take Up Space: Interview with para-athlete Candice Combdon

The missing piece of creating a lasting habit that goes beyond just the 21 day rule. It can’t be that simple, even though we want it to be. You need to go deep.

How to REALLY create a habit

I don’t want life to be ordinary. I want it to be extraordinary. The difference is just a little extra. How do you define living ‘a little extra’? 

Adding a little ‘Extra’