We're going to go big here to grab some attention.

We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

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Is it time to feel more in control?

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“Something about the process just shifted enough of the pieces. Having a framework to wrap my mind around and give extra fuel for the decisions that need to be shifted and permission for the ones that don't, just to be.

- elena

- heather

“My brain was making things more complicated than it had to be, and now I'm
more present.
It's a richer experience, both in actually being more productive when I want, and then shutting off when I need to rest and recoup. ”

“I finally feel understood. I want so many things but there's no time and too much stress. This was helpful to feel like I have more control.”

- nora

Want the Agenda?

welcome, friends!

Here's a sneak peek into how the day will look (plus some fun surprises).

Glad you're here!


"It was an AHA moment for me. I was losing my mind and this felt like a hope for something better to happen."


"You made it simple...  It makes is a whole lot less scary"


Questions? I got you!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for anyone who's ever felt the tug-of-war between their personal aspirations and family responsibilities. If you've found yourself yearning for more balance, clarity, and joy in your life, this workshop is tailor-made for you.

What can I expect from this experience?

Expect a feel-great experience! We'll delve into self-discovery, rekindle your passions, and navigate the delicate dance of balancing dreams and daily life. It's about finding practical solutions, fostering connections, and embracing authenticity.

Will I connect with like-minded people?

Absolutely! One of the highlights of this workshop is building connections with people who understand your journey. You'll be part of an amazing community where stories are shared, struggles are understood, and laughter is abundant. It's all about supporting each other.

How is this workshop different?

I'm not going to pretend you can "have it all". We'll focus on having - and being - what truly matters to you. We dive into the real, beautiful, and challenging balance of real life and real responsibilities. It's not about the RIGHT thing, it's about what's right FOR YOU.

Will I leave with next steps?

Absolutely! Even just carving this time out for yourself is SO HELPFUL. But also, we'll go through self-reflection exercises and proactive problem-solving. You'll leave with a toolbox of practical next steps to make a difference in your life.

Do I have to share my personal struggles?

I understand the vulnerability that comes with sharing personal stories. Rest assured, our community is a judgment-free space, and you'll find immense support here. However, participation is always optional, and you can engage at your comfort level.

how can I reserve my spot?

It's simple! Click the registration link, and you'll be guided through the process. Seats are limited, so don't wait too long to secure your spot.

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When you're busy with life, taking care of others, working, doing all the things, it's hard to figure out what you really want.  Not just what you want but who you are, who you want to be, how you want life to unfold. That's what we cover here. We get clear on your path, your North Star.


i need this

Influences & Constraints

I look at life in terms of context. You can't do everything, all at once, when you also have responsibilities and commitments.  We have to account for that and work with it. 

teach me plz

Training Your Brain

So much of life, and our decisions, are made on auto-pilot.  We don't even realize we're reacting out of habit, or past trauma, or fear. We have to train our brains to guide us, rather than mislead us.

yes! this.


Emotions are involved in our choices, whether we like it or not. We can't be 100% logical, nor do we want to be.  Life is emotional, regret and resentment come from emotion. So do joy, fulfilment and peace.  We cover how to account for emotion in our decisions.

"For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like myself again."

"I'm so grateful that I took this step for myself, that I prioritized myself and grateful to have met every single person that participated. Hands down, I would recommend Rishma to anyone in any capacity"


"I feel like it was a tipping point for so much success and confidence in my life"

"I always feel like the sessions are time well spent. And it doesn't just end there, there's always something to think about or reflect on afterwards."


be bold!

"Different concepts are put together in a way that I couldn't do on my own or find anywhere else."

I went in with something in mind, but it changed. I ended up wanting to focus on something else, to start tackling the real issues.


kind words and beautiful stories

Thank You!

"It was important to make time to prioritize myself."

"The new concepts and new input was so meaningful. There were a lot of things that helped and there was no hesitation, you can be open right away, there was a safe space, positivity.  You can't go wrong, honestly."


Go for it!

Rediscover Yourself:

Remember that inspiration? That dream you've always had? That part of your personality that once was? We're going on a deep dive to rediscover that version of you, and guess what? With activities, visioning exercises and reflection prompts, we'll rediscover ourselves again, together.

What's Involved?

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Community Connection:

There's magic in finding your people – who get it. Because life is so much better when you have a supportive space, without judgment. We'll share stories, struggles and laughs. We'll build deep connections with like minded people to help create a bond of mutual accountability and support.

Balance (the real kind):

Not that Pinterest-perfect balance. No, we're diving into the gritty, beautiful kind. The kind where you can chase your dreams without feeling guilty about family commitments. The kind where you might not have it "all", but you can feel good about what you have and where you're going. 


Tangible strategies, ones you expect and ones you don't. The kind that nourish you deep down and allow you to show up fully, both for your family and for yourself. Plus we'll cover practical action steps that you can implement right away on Monday morning.