You're busy trying to be many things for many people. You have a successful career, you're a caring great parent, you take care of your family and partner.

But there's no time for your own personal dreams.

You're waiting for a day when you'll have time and mental energy to rediscover that person. In the meantime, you'll try your best. You'll keep going until you finally have time to focus on yourself. 

Or... You can learn how to grow, without leaving anyone behind.

You're successful, but you don't remember who you are anymore.

want a life that feels more 'you' and less 'them'

Here's What You Need:

More clarity

To build a roadmap for the future, you need to understand your destination. Figure out who you are, what you want & how it aligns with your personal identity.  

action steps

Action on its own is not enough. It's about knowing the deeper limiting issues and creating intentional action plans that address them.

peace of mind

It's hard to make a decision if you're worried about guilt and regret. When you're intentional, you can make choices with more confidence and satisfaction.

The power of our choices defines the trajectory of our life.
But what if I told you that so many of those choices aren't made consciously? From the nudges of societal expectations to the memories of past experiences, we often navigate life on autopilot. 
In this masterclass, we'll build a plan for your next steps in life that is tailored to your needs, aware of your circumstances and really intentional about your time.

deliberate decisions framework


The Framework

what's covered?

lay the foundation by understanding who you are, and what's important to you

understand what's influencing your reactions and likely to steer you in the wrong direction

get creative with how you get what you want, while not leaving your loved ones behind

adapt and tailor your plan and decisions to your needs and circumstances 

strategize your approach to act with purpose, so every decision feels right

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Get Clear

Module 1: Your Ideal Vision
Dive into who you are, how you want to show up in the world, what you want. It's easy to let momentum carry us, the first session is to take a step back and really see the big picture of your life, the way you want it to look.


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Get Intentional

Module 2: Your Influences
We'll look at what influences guide (or mislead) your current choices, how to rewire them, and approaches for managing change in a way that feels comfortable to you.

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Take Action

Module 3: Respond Vs React
Taking action that will move you forward, without burning you out is an art. We'll talk about how to take effective action, using levers to make it as easy as possible. 

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Reflect, Realign, and Reiterate

Module 4: Make It Last
This is not meant to be a quick fix. It's a tool and a process that can become a way of life. Always adjusting and adapting to make sure you're living the life you really want, even life gets unexpected.






by the end of the course, you'll:

How does this sound?

understand how to think about big life decisions to stay aligned to your values

feel more confident in your next steps towards your own xo life

find out the missing step most people miss in making life decisions (you need it to reduce regret and increase happiness)

discover parts of yourself that you may have long ignored, neglected or lost

have clarity on what you want in life (what's actually important to you)

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A year from now you'll wish you started now....

reshape your life today!

"For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like myself again."

"I'm so grateful that I took this step for myself, that I prioritized myself and grateful to have met every single person that participated. Hands down, I would recommend Rishma to anyone in any capacity"


"I feel like it was a tipping point for so much success and confidence in my life"

"I always feel like the sessions are time well spent. And it doesn't just end there, there's always something to think about or reflect on afterwards."


be bold!

"Different concepts are put together in a way that I couldn't do on my own or find anywhere else."

I went in with something in mind, but it changed. I ended up wanting to focus on something else, to start tackling the real issues.


kind words and beautiful stories

Thank You!

"It was important to make time to prioritize myself."

"The new concepts and new input was so meaningful. There were a lot of things that helped and there was no hesitation, you can be open right away, there was a safe space, positivity.  You can't go wrong, honestly."


Go for it!

“i'm still using the strategies everyday .”

- avery 

I spent 20+ years helping patients, 8+ years working in research and academia and countless hours reading books, journal articles and more. I am curious by nature, growth-oriented and I'm driven by transformational moments.  I don't have a crystal ball but I do have the time, energy and knowledge to find my way through. Come along for the ride!

You're more capable than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your amazingness to the next level. You just need some support.

you're in the right place.

Have a framework with which to think more intentionally about your decisions.

Become clearer on what you really want (not just what you're supposed to want, or what others want)

Understand what challenges might stand in your way so that you can actually overcome them

Have an action plan towards making meaningful changes in your life

Have some creative ideas about how to stop life's 'autopilot' mode living consciously

Discover ways to re-shape the trajectory of your life with small but purposeful steps

After taking this masterclass, you will...

yes, i want this

You wanna live an XO life, don't you?

If you're the type of person who wants more out of life, who wants to grow and learn, who wants to stop wasting time on things that don't matter to you anymore, then this book is for you.

i want to know more

“I can apply Rishma's framework to interrupt cycles in my life. 

- Jamie

"I'm now taking away some connections and I can see how things I'm doing are affecting decisions that I'm making. If you've got some blocks that are keeping you from accessing stuff that you want to achieve, working with Rishma would be extremely helpful.”

“I feel like I learned a lot about myself, and about what I need to work on in my life. ”

- jessie

I opened up a part of myself that I had no idea existed until I stepped out of my comfort zone by being there.  It was like an awakening almost. I have been doing things differently in my life since then and it feels so good.

If you don't have the time or energy to figure out how to be more deliberate, more present and more centered in your life, but still want all of those things - welcome! I'm doing it anyway for my own life and I'm happy to share what I know and what I'm continuously learning.

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I learned about loss, and how precious time is, very early in life.

Living with my grandparents, and losing them in my teens, shook me in a way that forever changed me. I realized how quickly things can change, how nothing is guaranteed, and how much I value relationships in my life. It's a never ending effort on my part to spend each day in a way that make me content with my life. But my approach is one that I think allows change and growth and satisfaction, while being resilient to challenges.

life is too short for nonesense

this is how I live my life

My programs are not about telling you what to do, they're about teaching you HOW to make your life your own.

empower you to do what's right for you

My patients used to joke they got "Rishma'd", meaning that they had some sort of transformational realization or shift in their lives.  The truth is, I couldn't control their health or their hormones or their fertility.  What made me effective was that I was able to help them understand their options, to know the language of their bodies, to give them the resources to take control over their lives. 

Eventually I realized that my approach is broader than just healthcare. Being able to understand your circumstances, your needs, and next steps, is more powerful than any expert information. 

apply it to your own circumstances

it's frustrating to me that we don't usually get tips and tools that can be adjusted to our lives, to our circumstances, to our personalities. When my kids were young, it was frustrating to me to be told to wake up at 5am and do 42 morning routine tasks when I could barely get everyone dressed and ready on time. When building my business I was told to post on social media daily but I felt like it was draining and more stressful than it was worth.

I had to think about what I needed. And thankfully I understand science and business and anatomy, and why some of these suggestions are supposed to 'help'. But what was more impactful was knowing what results I wanted, what I was willing to trade, what would make the most effective change for me. That's how I was able to be intentional with my choices. And that's how I continually try to be intentional with my life, my family, my career and my health.

use what works for you

get aligned with your goals

learn more about yourself and others

Follow a proven framework

Embracing a life-changing way of looking at life

Getting in touch with your individual needs

Feeling confident in your decisions and your life path

Making big changes with small but focussed steps

Connecting more deeply with yourself and those you love

Feeling more energized and inspired in life

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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This      for you if:

you're ready for change

You're overwhelmed by the idea of self reflection

you're willing to make the effort

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO let go of old beliefs

You're ok with getting uncomfortable on the way to finding contentment

It's probably        for you if...

you want a quick fix or all the answers




decisions people make daily


of people have a major regret


age when people feel most unhappy


amount of time most people spend on self care


amount of time caring for others