We’re here for the women who are searching for belonging. The ones who want more of a social life. The ones who want to reignite their adventurous side. The ones who want new hobbies. The ones who want to get back to themselves. The ones who want to live their very best lives.

We connect growth-minded women with new friends from across the globe

...because who says you can’t make new friends in your thirties and beyond?


We’re XO Living. And we’re building a community with a difference. We’re inclusive, not exclusive. We’re focused on joy, not competition. We’re supportive, not discouraging. And we’re here to add a little je ne sais quoi to your every day. We do this by following a holistic approach – knowing that prioritizing your own wellness, health and soul is as important as having hobbies, laughing lots and connecting with others.

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We want to turn the everyday into eXtraOrdinary


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