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Brace yourself for a story filled with determination, family love, and personal growth. In this episode, we follow Jason’s extraordinary goal to conquer the mighty waters of Lake Ontario. Meet Jason, a loving husband and doting father to a delightful five-year-old daughter. Amidst his bustling life, he reveals his new challenge — one that will […]


Finding Joy

Finding Your Creative Flow: How To Get In the Zone

In this quick tip episode, I thought I’d look at the science, go through some practical examples, and give you some ideas on how to bring more creative flow into your life. And if you’re not looking to be more creative, let me preface this by saying that creative flow isn’t just for artists, it’s […]


Finding Joy

Redefining Success (Part 2): Interview with 13 year old author of The Shifters

This is what I’m calling an [Inspo] episode. I’ll be doing more of these types of episodes but this one is special. Not just because it’s the first one, but also because I get to interview … my daughter. If you haven’t listened to the story of how she started writing her novel, and how […]


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I ran a thriving healthcare practice as a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist for over 20 years. I also earned my PhD and spent time in academic research and teaching positions. Now, I read scientific studies because I'm passionate about personal growth. I use the insights to help me, and our community, live our own XO life.

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