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An inspiring journal to help you gain clarity and awareness.

It's tool to bring you into a deeper self- awareness and understanding by asking thoughtful questions and offering beautiful and inspiring affirmations along the way.

Ideal for anyone who strives for continuous personal growth, likes guided journaling, and wants to think about life in more intentional way.


✔   Over 150 pages of deep, thoughtful prompts
✔   Sections on Confidence, Gratitude, Health and Wellness, Self-Reflection and Inspiration and Motivation. 
✔   Affirmations throughout for positivity

Clarity Journal

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This journal is meant to give you clarity and insight. It's not writing for the sake of writing.


You can spend 5 minutes or 55 minutes. Whatever mood and no matter how much time you have. Just select a page, pick up a pen and get started.


Instead of writing superficially, the prompts urge you to go deeper with follow up questions or scenarios to help you take your thoughts further.


The prompts are organized into categories so you can flip to whatever section appeals to you in that moment. No need to go in order.


Whether you're just starting or an avid journal pro, the prompts will help you think deeper and reflect on life.

beginners and experts alike

No more staring at a blank page. The book is full of questions to ask yourself to get to what you really want in life.

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What is the Clarity Journal?

"A lot of very interesting questions and a very thought provoking journal. I like that it makes me think and come up with answers rather than just asking what I'm grateful for."

"The layout is clean, there is consistency throughout, the prompt topics are awesome and I like how they're grouped in categories. It's full of substance and thicker than I expected."


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