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More than just your average parenting journal. 

This journal is a keepsake for your kids, and a bonding tool for the parent. 

What it is for:

✔   Helps reinforce positive memories for both parents and children.
✔   Helps with connection and attachment. 
✔   Includes a digital workbook to help you use actual science to make the most out of using the journal.

The Connected Parent Journal

This journal is meant both as a tool and resource for the parents, and as a cheerleader and supportive reminder for your child.


You don't need to use it every day. Just keep it accessible and write in it when you think of something, or when you need a mood booster. 


This is a book that you'll actually want to use, and one that your kids can keep forever, and pass on to their kids.


The prompts are created with science in mind, to help you proactively improve your thoughts, mindset and approach to parenting (no judgment here).


There is ample space to write, draw and make it your own. The simple, yet elegant design allows you to add your own, personal flair.


No more staring at a blank page. The book is full of prompts to help you re-create, remember and describe beautiful memories with your child.

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What is the Connected Parent Journal?

"I needed this. I want to be my best for my kids but life gets so busy, I feel like this journal helps me get back to positive thoughts."

"I love that it's beautiful and simple. The introduction touching and emotional. My kids will love to read this one day!"


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