Connected Partner Journal

In the chaos of daily life, how often do we truly connect with our partners?  Unlike any journal you've used before, this one dives deep into the art and science of relational savoring, memory building, and positive psychology, helping you rediscover connection to those you love. Through thoughtful journaling techniques, you'll learn to savor your positive memories, strengthen your bonds, and cultivate a deeper connection with your loved ones. Because life's too short to take for granted the ones who matter the most. 


✔ Based on science.

✔ Helps with connection and bonding.

✔ Helps with emotional regulation.

✔ Improves relationship happiness and satisfaction.

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It's so nice to reminisce and share how we feel when we have special moments together.

"I started taking our relationship for granted. Now we feel butterflies again."

butterflies again


We don't like buying 'things' for each other. We really value time and experiences. This was such a thoughtful way to show him how much I appreciate us.

"I spent a few months filling it out and then gave it to him on his birthday."

what a great gift


I love journaling but have never thought of journaling about my relationship. We're long distance and I think this will really help us feel more connected.

"I'm so excited to use it."

i love this


I love how this journal makes me think about all the nice things that I would otherwise forget."

"I got one for my husband but now I want him to give one to me."

can i have another?


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Read more about this technique

This is very unique, science-based journaling technique created by Dr. Rishma Walji.
Read the article on MindBodyGreen for more details.

creating deeper relationships

It's about making the decision that's right FOR YOU.


This is a touching episode about how the original parenting journal came to be, some science and real examples of how it's used. It's a must listen companion to the journal!

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Podcast About The Journal


With every purchase, you'll receive a free PDF workbook to help you understand the science and how to make the most out of your journal and your experience.

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