The Connected Parent

We love our kids more than anything and we want to give them the very best of us. Sometimes, we feel too stressed, or busy or drained to be able to give our children the kind of emotional connection that we want to give them. In this episode we explore a way to feel more connected, more present, more positive and more encouraging – even when we have stress and other things happening in life.

“Parenting is an exercise in managing your own emotions.”

XO Conversations Podcast: The Connected Parent, S1: E5

Topics We Discuss In This Episode:

  • How to feel more connected with your child, even when you’re feeling disconnected
  • Providing emotional connection for your kid
  • How to be there emotionally for your child
  • How to calm down when parenting

In this episode, we discuss that no matter how much we want to be there for our kids, it’s totally normal to lose your temper and to feel like you’re just barely making it through the day. Despite the challenges though, we as parents want to feel more connected to our children and we want to be able to support them though all stages of life.

We talk about how important it is to leave your child, or children, some positive memories to hold on to for a lifetime. It’s also very difficult to make the time to actually create memories, let alone reinforce or recall those memories. One unique and effective strategy is journaling. This journaling exercise is unlike any other. This is not an ordinary journaling exercise.

In fact, this journal is meant to help parents re-wire their brains and thoughts to focus on emotional connection, positive thoughts, and deep connection. It can be used when you’re feeling upset and it can help to you down, and more importantly it can help you empathize with your child and reinforce the feelings that you want to have when interacting with your child.

It’s a strategy that can be used to help with patience and emotional connection.

I need this in my life. 100%.

XO Conversations podcast – S1:e5 – The connected parent

Beyond the benefits for the parent, this journal and the accompanying exercises can help the child feel supported and confident and loved.

Listen the the episode for more information on how to become a more connected parent.

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