Making Meaningful Memories

When we think about living a full life, it’s about the things we experience. The people we connect with the memories we make. After all, it’s the memories of our lives that make us who we are. There are ways to make those memories more meaningful to you. There are also ways to create and recall happy moments more easily. In this episode, we talk about family bonding, connecting with those you love, and how you can intentionally build a richer ‘highlight reel’ of your own life.

“Wow, what a life. It’s an inspiration. I’ll never look at that dash the same way again.”

Topics We Discuss In This Episode:

  • How to make memories with your family that will last a lifetime
  • How memories work in your brain
  • Intentionally creating more happy memories with your family

How Can We Make Meaningful Memories That Will Last

[00:03] Guest Rishma Govani’s love story

[03:40] How having a joy for life and trying new things can make every day count.

[06:35] How memory works in the brain in the brain.

[10:26] How you can be more intentional about creating meaningful memories with your family.

[13:06] How to enhance your brain’s ability to store and recall positive memories. Try new things, Make Traditions, Tell a Story, Use Props, Create a Sensory Experience, and Recognize Peaks and Struggles.

[15:44] Purposefully creating new things to look forward to.

[17:38] A beautiful tradition to celebrate love and each other. And an idea for how to create your own story and tradition with a partner or family or someone you care about.

[19:30] How to remind your brain about the highlights and memories that you want to savour.

[23:21] A way to help you become fully attentive and fully present in the moment, which will help to solidify the memory into your mind.

[25:00] Kids book about traveling, food and diversity.

[26:50] How ups and downs of life contribute to memories and memorable emotions.

[37:46] Recap of the ways to help yourself create and remember moments and memories that will last forever.



Miek Wiking: The Art of Making Memories

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